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Having excellent basketball fundamentals are critical to a player’s success. Basketball shooting is a very important skill to develop.  In order to take your game to the next level you have to put in the time and discipline to exceed your potential.  We focus on teaching detailed skills and how to implement them in game like situations.  This will improve confidence and game IQ.

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Coach Pat Walton

Coach Pat started basketball training in 2003, after playing college basketball.  Since then he has trained and coach 1000's of clients. Using basketball as a tool, Coach Pat builds and develops players IQ, skills, and confidence.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"My child had a great experience at Sharp Shot Basketball.  He not only refined some of his skills, but learned new techniques." 

Krista Wilson

Hillsborough, NC

"Our child went from not wanting to see a basketball to becoming well versed. After attending Sharp Shot Basketball, we saw improved confidence and skill. 

Jamal and Shantelle Livan

Durham, NC

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Chatham, North Carolina 

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